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IT support was always something that was a great source of frustration for our company, we’d pay a lot of money and get very little in return, ...

Accolade Corporate Events Ltd

Deroma UK Ltd

Our IT support is of huge importance to us to enable us to effectively do our jobs and manage the business. Impact IT not only provides a first class ...

Deroma UK Ltd

Antivirus Solutions

A must for all businesses

The most harmful viruses are those that are designed solely to destroy your data to the point where it is irretrievable. As a business it makes sense to employ someone to ensure you are shielded from outside threats andt that none of your systems are vulnerable.

We offer various Anti-Virus solutions designed to suit small, medium or large businesses as required.

  • Your systems will be protected 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Any new viruses that emerge will be tackled thanks to automatic updating of your virus scanner's 'known viruses' list.
  • Your email will also be scanned giving you peace of mind when opening attachments.



Cloud Based hosted AV Solutions Provider Impact IT & AVG CloudCare