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Our IT support is of huge importance to us to enable us to effectively do our jobs and manage the business. Impact IT not only provides a first class ...

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Due to Mec-Servs continued growth our incumbent IT supplier could no longer cope with the IT demands placed upon our business with the driving force being the need for ...

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SPAM Filtering Solutions

A Spam filter is a system used to detect unwanted emails from getting to your inbox.


We provide a very clever SPAM filtering service which can detect malicious messages, quarantine them and then deliver only legitimate emails to your inbox. What about messages that might get caught as SPAM but aren't? Although our SPAM filtering service will reduce malicious messages by over 99.9% some legitimate messages may get detected as SPAM. Don't worry! We offer a report which you can choose to have delivered, daily, weekly or monthly.
A report will contain a list of all quarantined emails with a link to 'release' chosen emails if they are not SPAM.
You will also be provided with a login link so you can immediately check your quarantined emails should you require immediate access.