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Testimonials Deroma UK Ltd

Our IT support is of huge importance to us to enable us to effectively do our jobs and manage the business. Impact IT not only provides a first class ...

Deroma UK Ltd

Mec-Serv Ltd

Due to Mec-Servs continued growth our incumbent IT supplier could no longer cope with the IT demands placed upon our business with the driving force being the need for ...

Mec-Serv Ltd

Virtualisation Backup

Whatever your services backups are no doubt essential to keeping business operations running smoothly during times of expansion or transition.

Veeam partner - Impact IT Solutions

Professional enterprise backup solutions for your virtual servers allowing you to restore them to their working states once you have completed your hardware upgrades or renewals. Businesses looking to implement a relocation or expansion project should seriously consider a backup snapshot of their current virtual machines in order to get services up and running as soon as possible with minimal downtime in the unforeseen circumstances that they don’t come back online as planned.

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