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Wireless Mesh Network

Wireless mesh networks are ideal for providing extremely high numbers of concurrent connections. They also provide high scalability and reliaiblity. Each wireless mesh node has links to redundant nodes meaning if your connection drops you will automatically switch over to the next node without interruption. If you require a robust wireless plaform spanning very large areas you will want to look at a mesh configuration. 

Going wireless in the workplace

Wireless connection has led to a less structured working environment, where employees can bring their own devices (BYOD) and share information easily on the office network. But even positive innovations such as BYOD create their own challenges, as the amount of data moving through can put extra pressure on your network.

At Impact we believe in undertaking a thorough premises survey so your equipment can work at maximum efficiency. Our Wireless Indoor Survey will be used during the design stage, taking the coverage, capacity, security and redundancy of your network into account. After that our crack team of installation and network engineers will make sure your project is delivered on time, supported by a full post-installation report.

For larger wireless networks

Need a wireless network that can span a large area, supporting high numbers of concurrent connections? Then you should consider a mesh configuration. Wireless mesh networks are robust, reliable and scalable: connections are protected by linked mesh nodes so if one node drops out you’ll be switched to the next node with no interruption of service.