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Testimonials Oak Tree Mobility

Impact IT started working with us when we had a couple of computers working from a small managed office. Since that small start, we as a business have grown ...

Oak Tree Mobility

Mec-Serv Ltd

Due to Mec-Servs continued growth our incumbent IT supplier could no longer cope with the IT demands placed upon our business with the driving force being the need for ...

Mec-Serv Ltd

Antivirus Solutions

A must for all businesses

The most harmful viruses are those that are designed solely to destroy your data to the point where it is irretrievable. As a business it makes sense to employ someone to ensure you are shielded from outside threats andt that none of your systems are vulnerable.

We offer various Anti-Virus solutions designed to suit small, medium or large businesses as required.

  • Your systems will be protected 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Any new viruses that emerge will be tackled thanks to automatic updating of your virus scanner's 'known viruses' list.
  • Your email will also be scanned giving you peace of mind when opening attachments.



Cloud Based hosted AV Solutions Provider Impact IT & AVG CloudCare