Twitter Launches

On this day in IT history:

Twitter Launches

Twitter is a web-based, real-time status/short message communication service. 13 years ago today (21st of March 2006), the first tweet was sent. The tweet was sent by the company’s founder Jack Dorsey and read, “Just setting up my Twttr.” Since then, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted every second! The company was originally called Twttr. However, within six months they officially changed their name to Twitter.

The website quickly grew into a worldwide sensation. It is currently ranked as one of the leading social networks worldwide. It has over 261 million International Twitter users and roughly 46% of users use the app daily! Although Twitter has taken years to reach where it is, individuals and businesses are now using this platform to achieve various goals.

Interesting fact about Twitter: a large amount of the features that are synonymous with the platform such as the hashtag (#), the at symbol (@) and the retweet button only appeared after suggestions from users.

At first there was no method that could be used to reply to other users or to mention your friends/a business in a tweet. Therefore as a response to user requests, they developed the “@” symbol to serve that function.

Users wanted to identify tweets based on the topics that were being discussed. This is why the “#” was developed. Twitter users wanted a way to send a tweet that was created by someone else without looking like they are plagiarising it. Therefore, the retweet button was added.

Users also wanted more characters added. Therefore, twitter doubled the character limit from 140 to 280. These factors have all attributed to Twitter becoming an internet game changer over the last few years. It is almost unbelievable that it all began with one tweet 13 years ago today.