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Testimonials Liaison Technology

Following an in depth tender process involving various providers and proposals, Liaison Technology Ltd awarded IMPACT IT a 3-year contract to become our support desk and ...

Liaison Technology


The support that Impact have given us has been essential to our growth as a company. They have helped us manage the IT needs at ...


Online Backup

The Impact IT Backup software runs a daily fully automated offsite data backup of your important files and data. After installation of the software you select the files and directories that you wish to backup. Then after encryption and compression a full offsite back-up will be made from the selected files. These files are sent to the Impact's offsite servers for safe storage through a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection. From that moment on, a daily incremental backup of all new and changed files will run at a time of the day determined by you.
Your files will be stored in two different remote locations to ensure that there's always a copy available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You can access and use your remote backup data at any time and from anywhere through a standard internet browser. You will receive daily email reports regarding your data backup status, file sizes as well as an overview of all activities.

Leading Causes of Data Loss

44% of all Data Loss is due to Hardware Failure
Electrical failure
Head/media crash
Controller failure

Causing Problems such as:
Error message stating the device is not recognized
Previously accessible data suddenly gone
Scraping or rattling sound
Hard drive not spinning
Computer hard drive doesn't function

32% of all Data Loss is caused by Human Error
Accidental deletion or drive format
Trauma caused by drop or fall

Causing problems such as:
Previously accessible data suddenly gone
Message similar to "File Not Found"

14% of Data loss is due to software Failure
Corruption caused by diagnostic or repair tools
Failed backups
Configuration complexity

Causing problems such as:
System messages relating to memory errors
Software application won't load
Error message stating data is corrupted or inaccessible

The last 10% of data loss is caused by computer viruses and natural disasters.