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We have been using Impact IT Solutions for over 6 years and couldn’t be happier with the services that they provide. We have experienced a few tricky situations ...

BS Mowers Ltd

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The team at Impact IT have always been extremely helpful and efficient in solving any IT issues that occur and they provide our Hosted Exchange environment and look after ...

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Why Impact IT

Impact IT Support Contract

All parts and labour that may be supplied within the contracted period. There are no additional hourly charges if and when an engineer is required to attend site. All repairs are completed on site where possible or sensible. Should any equipment need to be removed from site for workshop repair or warranty, then a loan machine of equal specification would be installed and fully set up.
Impact IT will always seek permission before removing faulty equipment from site. Any loan items will remain with you until the original faulty item was repaired or replaced. If the faulty equipment is deemed to be beyond economical repair then the loan item will remain with you for up to 8 weeks allowing time for you to purchase replacement equipment.

Remote Monitoring

Impact IT prides itself on its pro-active approach to Managed Services. Using remote monitoring software, we can actively keep abreast of any potential problems with your systems before they occur and resolve them before they become disruptive. Our monitoring software carries out a network scan every five minutes to check for any unauthorized log in attempts or system hacks, disk space availability, reviews critical event logs, backup failures and antivirus updates. Any problems are highlighted on our Dashboard within our Technical Services, instantly allowing us to remote-in and remedy or dispatch an engineer to your premises to fix the problem. This means you have total peace of mind over business critical hardware and software; we provide a rapid, accurate response, which will dramatically reduce downtime.

Key Benefits

We take ownership of the problem and liaise with the 3rd party suppliers, no more back and forth with an IT problem with one supplier blaming another.

  • All our support is backed by our money back guarantee.
  • Log a support call 24/7.
  • Log a support call via our online helpdesk, phone or email.
  • Support for all devices, we cover Mac's, Windows, Linux and any Smartphone OS.
  • No lengthy contracts.
  • Cost effective transparent pricing and simple to understand.
  • No Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels of support contracts, we don’t believe in different support levels depending on a package purchased, Impact only offer one package to all customers regardless of size and that’s a Platinum level.


Unbeatable SLA

Issue Example Response SLA
Time to respond to a logged support call Support call Within 15 minutes
Total disruption to the Service Server is down, all users cannot work Remote Support Within 15 minutes
A major inconvenience to the Service One user cannot work, PC down Remote support within one hours
A minor inconvenience to the Service PC running slow Remote support within one day
Total disruption to the Service, site visit required Server is down, all users cannot work Onsite support within one hour + travel time
A major inconvenience to the Service, site visit required One user cannot work, PC down Onsite support within one hours + travel time
A minor inconvenience to the Service, site visit required PC running slow Onsite support within one day + travel time